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I’m Dee, one of the Pilates and Barre Instructors here at Shala ✨


Fitness is my thing… I love the burn, the sweat, the adrenaline rush you get from an incredible workout! This is why Shala quickly became my Pilates home a few years back 🔥


I spend a lot of time training in different styles. Cardio, weights and dancing to compliment my Pilates practice. I have a great understanding of the anatomical body, how to move correctly and hold form. My aim is to deliver a thorough and educated practice to you and encourage you to move in a way that follows the Pilates Principles ✨ 


Let’s lengthen, control and move our muscles together… Just don’t forget to breath 😉


Let’s kick off each week with a burn, join me Monday's 6am for Shala's newest class Functional Pilates 🔥

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