Eunice Arden-Wood

Co-owner & Yoga teacher

Eunice is a co-owner of Shala and has taught yoga for more than 20 years.


Her deep love of yoga and desire to help others eventually lead to her becoming a teacher.


Eunice teaches various styles of yoga—including vinyasa flow, yin, vin-yin and hatha— and crafts her classes to cater for all levels. If you're new to yoga and considering a class, Eunice encourages you to "just give it a go" and notice the difference you experience on and off the mat.


Witnessing the positive transformation of students as they continue along their yoga journey is among Eunice’s greatest rewards.

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Kim Keane

 Co-owner & Yoga teacher

Kim has been practicing yoga for close to 30 years, she has learnt from many great teachers and drawn inspiration from each one of them to develop and perfect a style and rhythm that is ever changing but uniquely her own.


She is a 500 ERYT teacher, first completing her Hot Yoga teacher training 200 hr in 2012, she went on to do her Level 2 with Essence of Living, focusing deeply into her Vinyasa teaching. She has since become a certified Power Yoga teacher with Bryan Kest and completed Level 1 training under Nicky Knoff and advanced training with Noah Maze. Most recently she is completing her second Level 2 training with Creature Yoga.


Kim teaches a powerful and committed practice, influenced strongly by Ashtanga yoga and based firmly in her practice.

Her formal education is in Psychology and Gestalt Psychotherapy, this translates to a grounded, open heart expression promoting an honest & empowered practice, always in search of self awareness, connection and dedication.


Maria Moral-Pena

Yoga teacher

Maria started her yoga journey in 2014. After her first visit to a hot yoga class she was hooked, and began to practice daily shortly after.

A lot of traveling in her early yoga journey gave her the opportunity to practice at many different hot yoga studios in Europe and Northern America.

After completing a 200 hour hot yoga teacher training program in 2016, she started teaching in December 2016.

Upon venturing into a non heated vinyasa practice, Maria completed her 200 and 300 hour teacher training with Dylan Werner in 2017 and 2018. 

Maria loves a challenge while practicing which is reflected in her teaching, but she makes sure she caters for all levels in her classes. Her wish for every student after completing one of her classes is a sense of connection between body and mind, to be able to find that little moment of peace and calm during practice.


Kirsty Lewis-Jones

Yoga teacher

Kirsty loves yoga so much it’s infectious.


She has studied different styles of yoga over the years, and she draws on those different styles as inspiration throughout her classes.


Kirsty has been teaching yoga since 2016, and she still mixes up her left and her right!


Her classes are always light-hearted and fun for everyone.


Kirsty’s goal is to make yoga challenging and to bring greater awareness to both body and mind.


Whether it’s your first-time practicing yoga or your 1000th, Kirsty honours where you are and will hold a safe space for you on your yoga journey.


Cathryn Hackett

 Yoga & Pilates teacher

For as long as Cathryn can remember, Yoga has been a place of strength and comfort in times of need. It was her mother who set her on this journey, taking her through her first class before she learned to write. Yoga has been an integral part of Cat's life, she embodies the gifts of yoga and is truly passionate to share this with her community.

Cat has been sharing the gifts of yoga since her first 200hr Hot Yoga Teacher Training in 2015. She has travelled widely in her study of yoga, and has experienced a rich diversity of practice and philosophy across Europe, India and Asia. Cat has blended this experience in developing her own method and has incorporated the Vinyasa style into her yoga by completing her Vinyasa and Hatha Teacher Training (RYT 200hr) in Rishikesh, India. And most recently completed her Pilates Teacher Training with Essence of Living on the Gold Coast.

Cat’s classes are a combination of intelligent sequencing, rhythm and fun. Whether it’s yoga or pilates, her classes are a safe and nurturing space in which you can connect with your body, breath and mind at your own pace.


Alex Masters

 Pilates teacher

Alex is a Pilates + Barre teacher, who loves to teach fun, energetic and challenging classes with upbeat music!


Alex found Hot Pilates in the Shala space after having her son a few years ago. It was the perfect way to have some 'me time' at the same time as building strength and length in the body.

It was here that inspired her to do her teacher training and she's never looked back.


Join Alex for a fast paced, full body burn whilst also focussing on alignment and technique.


You'll definitely leave this class feeling amazing!


(And likely a sneaky set of 50..or two)


Natalie Hughes

 Yoga & Pilates teacher

Both Pilates and Yoga have been such a big part of Nats healing journey throughout her life, and this is why she is so passionate about sharing them.


Her mission is to inspire her clients to connect with their body, honor their body, and move in a way that feels good!


She loves exploring creativity through movement and teach in a way that supports, nourishes, empowers and uplifts!

She is a lover of herbal tea, gardening, barefoot walks with my woofa, soaking up the sun and bathing in the ocean, meditating and journaling.

Chloe Smith

 Yoga & Pilates teacher

Chloe started her yoga and Pilates journey about four years ago and fell in love with the practices, both for very different reasons.


Yoga is an amazing way to create a moving meditative massage by stretching and lengthening the body while allow the mind to quite.

Pilates is an amazing workout for all ages that will not only change your body, strengthening the powerhouse, but will help you build confidence and mental stability.


Chloe completed 200hr Yoga Teacher Training, Pilates Mat Teacher Training and Barre Teacher Training in the second half of 2020 with Essence of Living and is excited to share these beautiful practices with the community.

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Alex Vannucci

 Yoga teacher

Joanna Nostdal

Bikram Yoga Teacher

Joanna started her yoga journey at 19, in Sydney.

She would attend any and all styles of yoga as a healthy alternative to running and busy work life. She enjoyed all types of yoga and was not afraid to try something new. 


In 2008 she found Bikram yoga in Auckland, New Zealand while working there for 2 years.


She moved to Bondi junction in Sydney and from there  went to Vegas to do her teacher training in 2010.


In 2012 Joanna purchased Bikram Yoga Southport and ran the business for 8 years. 


With 4 kids and a very busy lifestyle, she now enjoys teaching Bikram Yoga and believes in the many healthy benefits for mind and body.

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Kathy Kruger

 Yoga teacher

Kathy is a Yoga Alliance registered (RYT 200) teacher with five years teaching experience and a love of yoga spanning more than two decades.

With a passion and specialty for yin (restorative) yoga and yoga for ‘every body’, Kathy’s yin, vin-yin and flow classes blend functional yoga with exploration of the many benefits of a yoga beyond the physical asana practice - mental, emotional and spiritual, as well as energetic with a focus on the meridian system.

Kathy received her initial training in the hot yoga style in 2014 and has since taught over 750 hours of a variety of yoga classes for studios on the Gold Coast.

She completed her original YIN yoga training (50 hours) and has also completed Heated/Non-Heated Hatha Vinyasa Flow sequencing and teacher technique training.


In 2019 she completed a 65-hour intensive training with world- renowned yin yoga teacher Jo Phee, principal assistant teacher to yin yoga founder Paul Grilley, with a focus on the meridian system and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

Alex holds a deep interest in the biomechanics of the body and the interplay of energy.


While studying Nutritional therapy, Alex felt a calling to India where she spent some time studying yoga under the guidance of Yogarishi Vishvaketu at Anand Prakash Ashram in Rishikesh. This reflective period developed Alex’s need to adopt holistic yoga and nutrition into her life and choose it as a career.

Since then, Alex’s thirst for knowledge about the human body lead her to study multiple styles of yoga, pilates and massage as well as completing her bachelors degree in nutritional medicine. Nowadays she loves working in an environment that allows her to blend nutrition, energy, movement and intuitive touch all in one place.


As her learning deepens, her passion in leading others to follow their intuition and make the shift in becoming the best version of themselves grows more and more everyday.